Stay Tuned…

We’ve got something cool planned to launch here on 3.17.  In the meantime, check out a closely-related blog over at


8 responses to “Stay Tuned…

  1. I can’t wait!! Love your startup a day blog!

  2. Thanks, man!! I’m ridiculously excited – I’ve been spending the weekend sharpening up my “director” skills, hopefully I’ll be able to caputure 1/10th of the excitement of what should be a pretty amazing week.

  3. I have this gut feeeling that this is going to be very good or veryyyyyyyyyyy good. i once sent you an email with ideas would this be the same time to share those ideas.
    Thanks for inspiring me.
    you are what this saying: ‘the inspirer inspired the inspiration’ whoever said that had you in mind

  4. Go Kevin Go!

  5. Very exciting, only -6 days left! 😉

  6. I know, I’m such a slacker!! Part of it is that we’re still going through a legal review and working out all the little details that come along with doing a project with several large companies. I’m editing all day today, so hopefully I can put up a teaser or some outtake footage up here.

  7. Stumbled across this today and it sounds interesting. Any updates?

  8. Well, the shoot is all wrapped up, just putting some finishing touches on the video – should be up next Monday. Sorry for the wait!

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