A Startup A Week – Episode 2

We’re back with our next episode of “A Startup A Week”, the online reality show where we challenge a team of developers to build a startup in just one week.  For episode two, we’re trying something a little different by bringing together “A Startup A Week” with an event called “Incubation Week”.  Instead of working with just one team, Incubation Week brings together multiple teams of entrepreneurs for a caffeine-fueled week of coding, all leading up to a final presentation in front of a panel of experienced angel investors. 

For this video, I flew out to Boston to check out the initial Incubation Week event.  We definitely had a great time, check out the video to see if the teams were able to complete their apps in time for their presentations to the investors.


3 responses to “A Startup A Week – Episode 2

  1. About a minute into this, we see that this guy at Microsoft has an iMac in his office.

  2. Hi Pat,

    Part of the idea of this series is to show a realistic look at how someone might go about creating a startup. That includes a mixture of various technologies, including Macs, Firefox, Adobe products and anything else that a real startup would use while building their apps.

    My personal opinion is that if you want to make a commercial, go hire an ad agency and have them talk to your branding/marketing team. If you want to show how MS can fit into a startup’s dev lifecycle, find some very smart devs/designers, grab a handheld camera, and see what they can come up with.

  3. So, no start ups since june? tragic.

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